About Us

Our family-owned business began in 1994


with staffing and basic immigration processing services. In the beginning, we focused our work on the shortage of healthcare professionals which allowed us to grow rapidly through most of the ’90s. But with changes in immigration and reimbursement regulations in the late ’90s and early 2000s, we needed to diversify.  Our staffing services evolved into niches in the healthcare industry and into staffing of IT professionals.

We have always been committed to the highest levels of authenticity

in how we do business, how we treat our clients, how we interact with people, and our level of trustworthiness; because our authenticity as a company evolves from who we are as individuals. 

Our edge remains in how we take care of you. We provide competitive quality and service primarily because it’s natural–it’s who we are.

The PEO model was a natural evolution for us, as we already had mechanisms established for Human Resource Management.

This included payroll, benefits, worker’s comp, regulatory compliance, etc., on a nationwide basis. So we got busy obtaining licensure as a PEO in multiple states, getting proper certifications for our people, updating software, etc. We began offering a full scope of PEO services in 2008.

Brad Kruse

VP of Human Resources

Chris Walton

President & CEO

Brad Jones

Vice President


In addition to our people, we maintain professional relationships with national organizations and companies that provide many resources, keep us up-to-date on regulations in our sector, and provide regular updates on ways to improve our services.

Core Tenants

  • You are not a number.
  • We get to know you and your business.
  • Management is always accessible.
  • Just as our families are important to us, you become a member of our family.
  • Mutual trust is part of every deal, involving transparency and open, honest communication.
  • We customize programs for each client and don’t have limitations.
  • We will take on that “one-person shop,” or a company with hundreds of employees.
  • Our pricing is fair and flexible, and part of our culture.
  • A partnership with us is a long-term relationship.

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