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HR Solutions | HR Technology

Empower Your Employees

Our cloud-based software system is one of the largest in the industry. It is a customizable, client-centered technology solution for not only our clients, but the employees as well. Our technology solution is designed to manage everything from payroll to benefits administration from a comprehensive HR platform all at your fingertips. System training and education tailored to you specific business model and policies is part of our overall process.

Increase Productivity While Reducing Costs

Our HR system eliminates multiple management systems. Our cloud-based system is user-friendly with streamlined interfaces and helpful tools to get your job done easily.

HR Solutions | HR Technology

HR Support Center

In an effort to help support our clients, Kruse’s HR Support Center provides an easy, efficient solution to help manage HR compliance and employee relations issues. Kruse HR staff provides weekly emails addressing current HR topics to a wide variety of templates for our clients to use and build from. Kruse HR supports everything from benefits and hiring to safety and terminations.

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