What We Do – Some Detail

This page provides some detail on the five key elements below. Each is also linked from the introduction page of what we do, as well as the home page. If you happen to land here first, the links below will take you to that section.

  1. Find and retain Quality Employees and increase productivity
  2. Reduce administrative burdens
  3. Get payroll and taxes right and offer good benefits
  4. Provide risk management to reduce Liability and costs.
  5. Gain a Professional HR Department to handle it all.

Retain quality employees and increase productivity “I’m always amazed at how they seem to know each one of our employees…” 

By combining our staffing and PEO expertise, we help you keep your employees happy and productive. Thomas Watson Jr of IBM is often with ““I believe the real difference between success or failure in a corporation can very well be traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people.”

Hiring: We can help with the interviewing process by reviewing resumes, setting up background checks and drug screenings, and overall provide our thoughts from an HR and procedural perspective. While we can’t profess expertise in all professions and skills, we have years of experience in matching skills.

Benefits and compensation: With more detail in payroll, we provide an opportunity for group health and retirement benefits, as well as research (and job descriptions) on proper compensation for individual positions along with systems for proper evaluations and/or incentives.

Automated systems: While also a part of providing more time for management, the opportunity for employees to find and track payroll, taxes, and benefit information on line, as well as direct deposit, time keeping, etc.; all serve a better working environment for your employees. A good example is being able to complete all new hire and benefit information on line

Productivity: All the above contributes to happy and productive employees.

Reduce administrative burdens “I do not have to worry about the risk of a work injury; management of workers compensation issues. unemployment expenses…  It is just covered and taken care of.”

While many burdens are relieved through automation, worries about “red tape” are much more significant to most owners and managers. We can greatly relieve these anxieties.

Through simple economies of scale; KRUSE can provide a robust automated and cloud based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that eliminates time, effort and paper, for both you and your employees. This HRIS system provides many opportunities to track information; examples include: (Note: employees and company have separate log ins.)

  • Access to personal data and ability to make changes
  • time and attendance
  • direct deposit
  • Enroll or change benefits, including retirement plans
  • Track Holiday, sick time, birthdays, etc.
  • Track drug testing, exams, etc. when required.
  • Run reports on new hires, terminations, rehires, etc.
  • Run payroll reports; including various taxes.
  • Run insurance and risk management reports.
  • General ledger interface
  • Flexibility to integrate with multiple systems
  • and more…

Specific regulation compliance is covered under risk management, however the “burden” of these things is more subjective. Hiring KRUSE to handle this not only can save time and money, but knowing it is done, and done right can really take a load off. This helps not only your focus, but also your own productivity.

  • When you are asked about your compliance with EEOC, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, ADA, ADEA, EEO, FLSA, FMLA, EPLI and most recently, the ACA;
  • are you comfortable…or not?
  • Are your policies and procedures and employee manuals up to date? Are all various taxes paid, and paid on time?
  • And more

If you are “burdened” with any of this, it is taking time and focus from growing your business, increasing profits, and then being able to hire more productive employees. Nothing takes burdens away like profits.

Get payroll and taxes right and offer good benefits “No longer were the details of the staff deductions or payroll upsetting me and today I have no idea what software produces checks.  What I do know is everyone gets paid on time, the withholding gets to the government when it is supposed to and W2s just arrive.”

Although it usually doesn’t show up as the highest importance in employee surveys, payroll and benefits are important, right? And getting paid on time with proper withholding ranks right up there as well. All this taken care of without late night phone calls is important to management, right?

Payroll is important, but we at KRUSE are fond of saying; “we are much more than a payroll company”. Yes, produce checks, offer direct deposit, withhold all proper taxes (and pay them), and produce W-2’s on time, however relative to a Total Human Resource Solution, payroll is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Benefits, especially health insurance (and now more important in the age of Obamacare) are a major part of compensation; both being able to offer good benefits, and tracking their use. We are very proud to offer current plan, that is new in 2016. Individual plans are flexible and remember you can enroll on line.

The health plan offers prevention and traditional coverage, including dental and vision. There is a flexible spending account (FSA) offered, and a number of voluntary benefits. Features include:

  • Deductibles based on health reward points earned
  • Out of pocket maximums
  • Many preventive services are covered 100% (BP, Cholesterol, immunizations, diet consults, etc.) Women and children have a separate list of prevention covered services.
  • Telephonic physician consultations
  • Diabetic supplies, allergy treatments, ER, urgent care, and outpatient and inpatient treatments and care.
  • Home Health, DME and prescription drugs
  • The FSA is partially carried over and you can access the full amount on day one of a plan year.

Voluntary supplemental benefits include critical illness coverage, accident insurance, disability insurance, term life insurance and legal and identity theft protection.

Retirement: We offer an excellent retirement plan that features many of the PEO benefits of Kruse handling the many details and regulations, but provides similar benefits as working with a large company. We do this by partnering with Transamerica to offer a multiple employer plan (MEP), providing the benefits of a large powerful group to one unified plan. Features include:

  • No annual audit
  • Cost savings on the investments
  • No individual Form 5500 reporting
  • Minimal plan maintenance
  • Flexible plan features, including safe harbor, Roth, and profit sharing
  • Customizable 401(k) plan design options involving eligibility, matches, vesting schedules, and more

Provide risk management to reduce Liability and costs. “We began with Kruse when we had difficulties obtaining workers comp insurance.  Under the umbrella of Kruse and Associates we are protected with work comp coverage as well as protection in other areas.”

While reducing liability can mean many things, basically it is provision of proper insurance and complying with appropriate regulations. As this is our business; KRUSE is able to focus on your risk, and let you focus on profits. While this may not directly reduce costs, it certainly does if there should be a problem and you avoid fines, law suits, etc.

  • KRUSE can provide workers comp in all 50 states and for most types of workers. We also provide all the claims management.
  • Response and representation for unemployment claims.
  • Proper policy and procedure development can aid in workplace safety, harassment, discrimination, performance and even terminations. Much of this involves regulation and compliance as well.
  • We can consult for proper insurance coverage; for example levels of general liability, E&O, etc.

All the various regulatory agencies noted under the “burdens” section ( EEOC, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, ADA, ADEA, EEO, FLSA, FMLA, EPLI and ACA)applies here from a liability and cost standpoint as well.

A professional HR department “…well organized and delivers full service HR outsourcing, Work Comp, Payroll and more.”

When you consider the five overall categories of what we do, the KRUSE TOTAL HUMAN RESOURCE SOLUTION does provide you an end to end HR solution. Given HR is our total focus, yet we work for you “part time”; he bang for the buck factor is likely in your favor. We hope so, our goal is very much a win-win partnership.

Many small to medium companies don’t have the time or resources to hire an HR department, payroll clerk, etc.; let alone with the expertise in government regulations and compliance, insurance needs, and the ability to manage employee administrative needs and keep them happy…and productive.

For a small fraction of hiring staff, KRUSE can provide the expertise and take the burden off your back. Our web site is literally the tip of the iceberg and we hope we have peaked your curiosity enough to make contact, and we can begin to get acquainted and perhaps get that free quote that is customized for you.