Referral and Partnering Rewards

Every business (especially those doing a good job) will hope and encourage clients to say nice things and tell others. As you have noted in What they say, we are blessed that many of our clients have done so, and in writing. We have now decided to take this further and reward those who do so whenever it results in new business for us. We have two programs that certainly have potential for a win-win. One is for current and former clients; another is for any business acquaintance or others that you may do know or come in contact with.

Partner Referral rewards: It’s simple, refer a company that you think may benefit from KRUSE service. If they become a client, we reward you as below.

Number of employees









$ 750

$ 500

$ 250


Partner Brokering Program

Are you looking to expand your business, or add another revenue stream? In this model, the referee (you) takes a more active role in marketing the KRUSE line of services to colleagues or clients of your own. This program is designed primarily for owners and managers of businesses who generally come into contact with others who may benefit from KRUSE services, but generally is not something you provide. We naturally do not want to compete with partners.

Take this scenario: You are calling on dentists to market a new device, or calling on Doctors with medications or another new device. During a visit to an office, the office manager complains about a problem with payroll, missing a W-2, struggling with turnover, etc.

Examples of what might spark an interest:

  • Your Client is spending too much time on HR and administrative duties…paperwork bogging them down.
  • They want to Gain HR Help
  • They struggle with HR compliance processes
  • They have consistent employee turnover
  • They work in Multiple states
    • Do they have multiple locations?
  • They are struggling with Payroll and Taxes
    • Are they not being processed correctly? In a timely manner?
  • They have the need or want to expand but don’t have the HR infrastructure to do so.
  • They have lost their HR person or need one. They are expanding into new markets.
  • They want to Automate – Payroll, Compliance, Human Resources, Legal
  • They are currently with a PEO but aren’t happy.
  • They want to focus on Growth but are tied down with the minutia!

If you were somewhat versed with the virtues of outsourcing HR (PEO’s, etc.), it is a perfect time to mention that you might know a company that can help. If you are able to answer some basic questions at that time, it could be the difference in moving forward. If they become a client, we pay you a stipend; for as long as they are a client. Is there an easier way to receive residual income?

There are significant variables involved in what that stipend might be. Give us a call or complete our contact form with pertinent information and let’s discuss partnering up.