What Owners, CEO’s, and Presidents are Saying About Kruse!

As noted elsewhere, the services we provide are generally not unique to us, but when one adds our “service with a personal touch”; we believe we have an edge. There is no greater compliment than from a third party. We are blessed that our Partners are pleased enough to say so. We thank everyone for the kind words, and pledge to only get better. If you should want to talk to a client, let us know; we’ll be glad to get you contact information.

“Our partnership is definitely working for me!”

Thank you for the service your business has given us so far! We are definitely impressed & excited to work with a company that cares about their work, Employees, Associates/ Clients, etc…it truly shows! Since day one you all have been supportive, reactive to our needs, provided excellent customer service, & are very professional! We appreciate the support & assistance your team has provided us thus far; we look forward to a prosperous future with you all!

“We are very happy with you guys and the partnership we have with you. No complaints on our end. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.”

“We are very happy with our partnership with Kruse! Pam has been great to work with and any time we have had a question for someone, we have received a prompt response. Most importantly, our temporary candidates have been paid on time, correctly and seamlessly.”

“Everything is going well. Jonna has been very helpful. We have worked out a few kinks and things are going well. I am enjoying the relationship with Kruse and hope it can grow. “

“You, Chris, and Brad K have been great…and Heather is the best. We are super excited to grow fast with you all.”

“We are a happy client!”

“I am very happy with the excellent service that I received with Kruse. I feel very confident in your ability to service my company regardless of volume of temps requested. As always, I am very happy to offer excellent references for prospective Kruse clients. Let me know if I can help. It would be my pleasure!”

“You are doing a great job and I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use you.”

“I love Kruse…..that should say it all!!! 😊”

“We have been using Kruse & Associates for the past two years. They provide us with a comprehensive benefits package and seamless handling of payroll and tax reporting services. Having remote workers has its back-office challenges – with Kruse & Associates handling this for us we can focus on what really matters, our clients. Always professional, always responsive, we highly recommend Kruse & Associates for your back office needs.“

A.L., CEO; Honolulu, HI

“Kruse PEO creates simple and effective solution to handle our company’s payroll and benefits. The time that we spend each month has been drastically reduced, and since time is money; our profitability has increased. As the old adage says, “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

B. R., Founding Partner; Redding, CA

As a business owner for over 30 years until recently the process of handing staff issues around fringe benefits, payroll and taxes where one of my biggest sources of discomfort.

Even though I am an accountant and once owned a tax practice trying to keep up with changes in taxes, fringe benefits, compliance issues plus the hassle of the software for payroll has always caused me problems.

A few years ago when I started working with Kruse my life got better. No longer were the details of the staff deductions or payroll upsetting me and today I have no idea what software produces checks. What I do know is everyone gets paid on time, the withholding gets to the government when it is supposed to and W2s just arrive.

One of the biggest issues for any company is insurance coverage and the relationship with Kruse has made that an advantage where before it was a bothersome challenge.

Maybe most the most important change for me is I get to work with partners not vendors. I like to work with organizations who have my best interests at heart and are transparent in how they communicate. Kruse is an open, proactive and transparent partner who comes to me with ideas and options for things I would never have thought about without them.

I tell anyone who will listen about Kruse and how much they have contributed to me and my company.

Thanks Kruse.

R. M., CEO; Phoenix, AZ

Kruse is a support system like none other. They individual customer services they provide to their clients is truly something every business should strive for. As a General Manager for a hotel, the daily HR questions and payroll needs are endless and can fill up your entire day. Working with Kruse and having that one-on-one connection for any questions, problem, or task is a time saver. Anytime you call the office, you truly get a sense that everyone is there for you and truly cares about getting your business needs taken care of and addressed with top priority. Even if they do not service your needs, they work alongside the companies that do until you have a resolve. They also take the time to educate you on HR/Payroll matters and legal changes until you feel comfortable with the knowledge. You truly have a partner of a support system working with Kruse. No other company has made me feel like a top priority in getting my needs and concerns addressed to a full resolve like Kruse has. Honestly, they are 2nd to none.

P. M. R., General Manager; Tulsa, OK

My 3 year experience with Kruse PEO/Staffing has been exceptional partnership and destiny with our company Axcess Professional Staffing, Their professionalism, Customer Service, and prompt responses to any issues or needs are handled in a very courteous expediently manner!!! Direct attention even from the President down to Account Manager have been a pleasure to work with. Kruse PEO over and exceed the expectation of any PEO I have been a partner and connected with. They have presented patience when crisis and challenges come our way and communicate and help find a strong and solid strategy to resolve and present obstacles for the growth and stability of our company. I am very pleased to be a client of Kruse PEO and look forward to growing and continuing our graceful partnership!!

A. J., CEO/Founder; Raleigh, NC

We have always had a great relationship with Kruse & Associates. We began with Kruse when we had difficulties obtaining workers comp insurance. Under the umbrella of Kruse and Associates we are protected with work comp coverage as well as protection in other areas. Our payroll has always been accurate and on time. All of the staff at Kruse has been unbelievably helpful and friendly to work with. Even though we are several states away it feels as if we know the staff personally. I would recommend Kruse and Associates to any business looking for any of the many services they offer.

AW.-C., Executive Director; Palm Coast, FL

Kruse PEO has been true to their motto and has allowed us to focus on gaining and growing our business knowing that they are focused on maintaining the rest. They are proactive, knowledgeable and detailed in their area of expertise. With our large and ever growing team, I’m always amazed at how they seem to know each one of our employees and are quick to catch things that might be off, sometimes even before my own managers! From payroll to HR to the ever dreadful tax season their professionalism and attention to detail have made these components of our business stress free. You all have been an incredible asset to our operation and we look forward to many more years together.

K.S., VP of Operations; Tulsa, OK

We have been clients for years with you guys we are very pleased with how you handle my payroll.

We are over the moon with Heather… she understands my time and gets our payroll handled every week like clockwork. I suggest anyone looking for a payroll company to choose this company.

C., CEO; Panaman City, FL

As an Owner of a California company, I have worked with many PEO’s over the last fifteen years to assist with Work Comp and Payroll. Since I have partnered with Kruse & Associates, the level of professionalism and expertise they have provided has surpassed all PEO’s I have worked with previously. Brad Kruse and Chris Walton are great communicators and offer excellent service overall. The HR and Payroll teams at Kruse are efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. Kruse is well organized and delivers full service HR outsourcing, Work Comp, Payroll and more. Together, we make a solid team.

J.P., Owner; Oxnard, CA

I needed to reduce my expenses and overall liability with regards to Human Resource responsibilities and payroll.

Recently, I had reduced my overhead expenses because one or two less key people were working at my company. This gave me more exposure, because I did not have those key people watching over my business. This meant I would have less time to do the things I need to do in my company. The last thing I needed to do, was spend ANY time on anything HR.

I was able to switch from a traditional payroll company over to Kruse PEO. Although there was a slight increase in cost compared to a traditional Payroll Company, the overall value of them handling the ENTIRE HR mess is well worth it.

I do not have to worry about the risk of a work injury; internalizing the management of workers compensation issues. Nor do I have to worry about laying people off, and the unemployment expenses related to it. It is just covered and taken care of.

I have more time to focus on my business, which is the part that makes me money.

J. N. V., President; Tulsa, Oklahoma

I just wanted to say THANKS again for all that you do for my 3 companies. The payroll you guys do makes it a “no brainer”. The prices are you charge are very reasonable. When I come across anyone who needs it, I give them your email and phone number and say they will do a great job!

G. L., Owner; Portland, OR.

Express Oil Change in Broken Arrow, OK has been using Kruse and Associates for our HR needs for years. They offer excellent benefits and their staff is always helpful. I used another PEO in the past, but Kruse has been much more responsive to our needs.

S.P., Manager

This letter is to serve as an acknowledgment for the high level of professionalism and service that our company has received from Kruse.

We were a start-up company in July 2012, with 16 employees and had a very difficult time finding a company who could provide us with our specific needs; insuring us in multiple states with employees, as well as providing us with complete payroll processing, timely tax reporting, human resources, and health insurance group planning.

I would definitely recommend Kruse. The staff I have interacted with at Kruse has been willing to go the extra mile and is always available and communicative whenever I have a need or a request.

A., CEO/Founder; Raleigh, NC

I am writing to recommend the services for Kruse & Associates (Home of Kruse Staffing & Kruse PEO). I have been using their services since 2015 and have always found them to be dedicated, professional, and always provide sound advice for the industry. Our firm is a boutique staffing/consulting company and with the partnership with Kruse & Associates we are able to focus strictly on the front end (sales and recruiting) and be more effective with our resources; at the same time we don’t have to worry about insurance, health benefits, or weekly payroll as they facilitate this on our behalf.