What We Do – Introduction

Overall, as your partner; our goal is to help you produce more profit and growth. Our TOTAL HUMAN RESOURCE SOLUTION is a variety of services that help you get the most from your most important asset, your people. We offer an end to end solution, starting with finding good people, and then we help you keep them happy and productive. Inherent in all this “red tape” is a lot of detail, most of which you hire us to take care of. We have organized this section so you can peruse the important aspects, yet dig into the weeds if you are so inclined. These five major areas cover much of what we do. Due to the many options, each client essentially has their own tailored solution, so to get to the bottom line, simply make contact.

You will note we have links for PEO and staffing separate above. We do offer each independently, but merge the expertise for clients when appropriate. It is important of understand the distinction, and we provide more detail in FAQ’s, but in summary:

  1. As your PEO, we provide general HR services as noted above; and we are not outsourcing our employees to fill vacancies.
  2. As your staffing service, we provide temporary (where we do outsource our employees) and permanent staffing solutions, by recruiting, vetting, interviewing, etc. candidates for specific job orders.

As important as HR is to any business, too often it involves a lot of red tape; such as meeting payroll, filing taxes, compliance with regulations, insurance to manage risk, policies and procedures, and much more. Our solution is to let us handle these back office functions, thus we like to say “WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK”. By outsourcing these tedious yet important tasks, you can focus on marketing and development of new products/services that will grow your business and increase profits.